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My artwork in 2015

2015 by AffaOtto

bonus : WINTER
[35] Winter by AffaOtto

I dunno what should i do. Everyday i always keeping myself in my home especially in my room.
    1. Sleep when i sleepy
    2. Go to bath for bath / peeing / pooping / singing
    3. Go to kitchen for eating or drink
    4. Turn on my laptop and drawing or open my social media
    5. But sometimes
I also hangout with my friends
    6. Studying and finish my homework  
Okay .. What do you think of my activities?

P.S I'm bored so i make this journal hehe :D
My vacation is over! :| (Blank Stare) 

after three weeks holiday, and relax at home, my vacation finally ends.
I will make some fanart from anime that will be released this summer.

I call it "Anime summer 2014 project"

and maybe, maybe i will give a step by step for every fanart that i uploaded. :D
Yeaa~ :D
Long time i do not post any artwork in here. . . .

Well. . . .
I'm trying to make a manga :D

So. . .Maybe it's spend a lot of time.

How do i make manga?

    I do not know exactly but I tried to make it in a simple way :D
  1. create a character and its name
  2. determine the nature of the character
  3. create scripts
  4. made into a manga

Okay that's all I want to say.
See you next time !!
Affa by AffaOtto
NB : simple pict made using Photoshop. . . :happybounce: 

Hello everyone...:D (Big Grin)
i just want to sharing about what i'm doing when bored. Meow :3

First :
    Just make an artwork on paper A4/A3.
Example : Hikaru attack ! by AffaOtto Mitaki x Hikaru by AffaOtto Aki-chan by AffaOtto

Second :
    Make a simple editing using Paint tool sai (Just because i can't use PS =P (Razz) ).
Example : Anime World by AffaOtto Golden Time by AffaOtto Lol by AffaOtto Color Worlds by AffaOtto

Oh yeah, i have one pict editing using Photoshop : Zom by AffaOtto

NB : Yeah, fail editing Sweating a little... 

Third :
    Make a simple tutorial. Clap
Example : Kepala by AffaOtto (Only one) Wink/Razz

Last :
    Of course the last is make a digital artwork. :D (Big Grin)
Example : <da:thumb id="426200804"/> Chuunibyou-Rikka and Yuuta by AffaOtto

Okay, done... :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 

My Digital-Artwork in 2013. . .